Eating More Fruit and Vegetables


If everyone knew the value that fruits and vegetables carry in relation to health, then it could make sense why doctors keep insisting on their use. Otherwise, one would want to know how people afford to miss such valuable nutrients as those provided by fruits. In the US for instance, doctors claim that people eat less than 30% of the required amount of fruits and vegetables in their meals. This puts them at risk of heart attack and other diseases. Many people start a new diet thinking that eating less carbohydrates is the solution when in fact consuming more vegetables and fruit is often left out of the equation. Thanks to technology that provides us with opportunities to always explore knowledge in almost every aspect in our lives. Managing good health is increasingly becoming an expensive affair. Fruits are a good source of nutrients that greatly nourishes our systems with vitamin A and C. Apart from that, by choosing fruits, fiber, water and antioxidants form part of the benefits that you get.
How to ensure you eat enough fruits.

1. Every time you visit the grocery for shopping, make sure you pick all sorts of fruits and vegetables as possible. Even the frozen and canned fruits can still serve to provide your needs.

2. Once you have them in your food store or fridge, ensure that every meal is served with fruits. Or why don’t you try adding juices to all your meals?

3. Eat fruits while out. Fruits are easily eaten without much preparation, that means you can always them eat as part of the meals you chose, either for lunch or dinner or as you would prefer.
One benefit for people eating enough fruits and vegetables
is you actually boost your brain power by consuming fresh raw food. Secondly, potassium found in fruits helps to reduce risk of getting heart disease and stroke. Good news to the aging people that the potassium also reduces risk of developing kidney stones and avoids bone loss a condition that is common in old age. Fruits also contain folic acid which is a critical component for the formation of red blood cells. Not to mention the least, most women who are still in the bracket of child bearing age will always need to take a lot of fruits. Folic acid is very important in ensuring healthy pregnancy with minimal neural tube birth. This is characterized by defects such as spina bifida.

Fruits and vegetable hardly contain any fats and this is why you should enjoy eating them. But don’t fry using fats if you wish to avoid oily diet. The fiber in fruits will work a great deal to keep your gut healthy and eliminate any possibility of constipation. Last but not least, you must also notice that fruits and vegetable taste very nice and this should actually be a reason to eat without any difficulty.

It advisable then that people consume fruits and vegetables every day, depending on the amount of calories one may needs. One to two fruits can serve the purpose of providing the nutrients the body requires. Don’t ever contemplate on how to avoid fruits in your diet, if anything let fruits and vegetables are a must daily. Eating plenty of veggies and fruit can help you stay fit and healthy. It can improve many aspects of your life and can help your teeth, hair and bone stay strong. Eating plenty of fruit and veggies can also help you make less visits to medical spas since it can significantly help your skin stay tight and looking healthy. When you finally reach your goal, take a little time and treat yourself to a mini shopping spree or perhaps a new hairstyle to show off that new body. Next time you feel the urge to snack on something, reach out for an apple or a carrot!