Most Popular Services at Beauty Spas


Walking into a beauty spa is daunting for many people. Getting one’s skin looked after is one thing and making sure the right treatment is carried out is another. The most popular treatments and most know are facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion skin care spa services. There are other services like body wraps, eyelash extensions, spray tanning and even botox and some higher end medical spas. Let’s take a look at all of the options in front of a person when visiting the local spa.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

This is a modern technique used to rejuvenate the skin and rid it of dead skin cells. Over time, the skin cells on one’s face are going to die out and this will clog up the pores and become a major problem. This process works on ridding the skin of those cells and replacing them with healthier cells.

It brings the skin to life in essence.

It is a powerful tool used by many and it works like a charm.


This is a common spa treatment and one that is seen all around the world. It does not matter what spa one walks into, this is a treatment that will be offered. The purpose of this treatment is to tackle the face and ensure it is brought back to life. The skin is cleansed and all impurities are removed.


Body Masks

The next process takes a look at the body as a whole. This is where a ‘body mask’ comes into action. What does this treatment do? The goal of this treatment is to place a special ointment on the skin and let it dry out. Once it has dried out, the specialist will then remove it and wash the remaining substance.

This will leave the skin feeling livelier.

Body Wraps

Whether it is mud, creams, and/or some other type of liquid, the purpose of this treatment is to focus on a specific goal. It could be wrinkles, fat, or something else one has issues with in relation to their skin. Once the problem has been pointed out, the right substance will be selected and placed on the body.

The body is then wrapped until the substance dries out.



Are there certain areas in the skin that are not as healthy as they should be? Are the wrinkles becoming substantially noticeable? This is where botox comes into action. It involves the use of clostridium botulinum (bacteria) which is injected into the skin to give it life.

It has to be done by a professional for immediate results.

Chemical Peels

The next treatment would be a chemical peel. This involves the use of chemical-based solutions to target the top layer of one’s skin. The chemical will burn away at the skin to bring forth a healthier version of one’s skin.

Photo Rejuvenation

This process includes the idea of preparing the skin for a photo shoot. It is commonly used by those who will be modelling in the near future and require touch ups for their wrinkles and/or spots. It is a comprehensive solution and works like a charm especially for short-term requirements. It will ensure all of those aging spots and/or wrinkles become hidden and the skin glows for the camera as needed. It is a powerful skin care option for one and all.

These are the skin care treatments one will have in front of them while visiting a beauty spa. Unlike a hair salon where you can treatments like hair highlights, balayage and other hair treatments, you are not always able to see the services. At a beauty spa, it is recommended to sit down with the specialist and list down requirements desired from the process. Each person has their own needs and this should be listed out for the person who will be completing the job at hand. It saves a lot of time and ensures the right treatment is being used.