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Perks and Quirks of Being A Freelance Makeup Artist

Perks and Quirks of Being A Freelance Makeup Artist

You might think it’s glamorous. Your work involves making people beautiful (or ugly, as the case may be) and your skills will always be highlighted in prestigious and momentous events. Or does it?

Makeup Artists (MUAs) are experts at giving the desired look people asks by using cosmetics, wigs, and other tools of the trade. Some makeup artists work in theaters or performance environment. Others are on television and films. Some makeup artists put facial cosmetics in department stores or boutiques to sell mass market makeup products; some are consultants in a cosmetics company, and often, MUAs are hired for one-time events like weddings, formal school dances, or fashion shows. Some have their own team of makeup artists like MBS Makeup located in Los Angeles.

Commencing your career as a professional makeup artist is hard work. But why is it that there are still so many who are interested? If you want to venture into the makeup world, should you begin as a freelance or find employment at the outset? Let us explore the world of disguises and know the upside and downside entailed in the job.

The Perks Of A Freelance MUA

-The gift of time. You manage your own time. As a freelance makeup artist, you have the option of receiving the work that you like and reject those that conflicts with your schedule. Of course, if you are still building your customer list, you might think more than twice on declining gigs you don’t like.

-Travel opportunities. May it be an out-of-town prenuptial wedding photography or a fashion show event in another city, you get to go to places you have yet to visit. Enjoying the scenery while working may not be available for you while being an employed MUA.

-Better pay. As your clientele increases and more customers are requesting for your skills, the opportunity to earn more is within reach. You can even name your price based on the project you will take on.

-Glamour. The opportunity to meet new people, even celebrities you usually just see on the big screen, will open up for you. Yes, being a freelance MUA, your job entails working in the background, but you get to interact with “cool” people you don’t usually meet as a permanent employee.

The Quirks Of A Freelance MUA

-Being aggressive. If you are the passive type, waiting for things to happen your way without doing things voluntarily, you might think some more on your chosen path. Doing freelance work, you need to rely on word of mouth on your previous makeup accomplishments. You also need to be able to sell yourself well. Because you still need to build your clientele, you need to be aggressive in marketing your skills.

– Expense manager. Being a freelancer, in effect, is like being the owner of your own business. However, you are the only employee. So multitasking is a must. You need to be your business’ finance manager, of which managing your finances and keeping tabs on all your expenses is just part of a day’s work.

-Prepare for lean times. Opportunity for work will not always be the same. There will be lean times where you find yourself with so many free time. Remember, unlike being an employed MUA, no work means no pay. Some makeup artists take advantages of these moments by improving their craft but sometimes, it will also entail costs.

-Time-constraints. Since there will be no working schedule, freelance MUAs may be asked to work even at night (even in the wee hours of dawn), and if you whine and gripe to others, you might be seen as unprofessional, and your work may suffer.

Ultimately, it will be your choice. No matter the profession you choice, it will always have its pros and cons. Whether as a freelancer or an employee, seeing the fruits of your skills, it will be your decision to enjoy the perks and endure the quirks. To get more info about becoming a freelance makeup artist you can ask a local makeup artist or many time you can find a Makeup Artist Vlog that can help you get started with tips and tricks.